A Little Bit About Me . . . 

photo by Natalie Dyke

Hey there!

I'm Kieran, a Charlottesville native living in Norfolk to study photography at Old Dominion University.

I follow the philosophy that a picture of someone should show off or highlight their personality. That's where our motto comes in: it's not about being picture perfect, it's about having the perfect picture. 

It's all about being natural and having fun. I'll be your director and personal paparazzi while working make sure you are getting the photoshoot you dreamed of. 

My greatest joy is making people feel as special as they truly are.


If we can imagine it, we can create it. 

My photography has appeared in several different publications, including The Lantern, Sincerely Magazine, Quail Bell, and 3 Elements Magazine. 

Our mascot is Francesca Agnes Ethel, the perky pug herself. 

Check out our details and specifics for more information about how to get this party started. If you have questions, comments, or just want pug pictures, don't be scared to message us.


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